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Street Address

125 Simcoe Road,
Bradford, ON
Mailing Address

P.O. Box 209.
Bradford, ON
L3Z 2A8


Leagues are organized at the beginning of each season.  They meet regularly each week according to the following timetable:









Sunday Sinners 10:00 AM


9:20 AM


Little Rocks 1:00PM

Juniors 2:00

Senior Men’s

12 PM


Simcoe Super Seniors  9 AM



7 PM

CYOR Men's

7 PM &

9 PM


7 PM &

9 PM

CYOR Ladies

7 PM &

9 PM

CYOR Men's

7 PM &

9 PM


7 PM &

9 PM







Tuesday mornings


Wednesday evenings

6 end game with a social coffee hour.  Played in a fun team format. Enjoy several lunches throughout the season. 

Enter as a team, part team or a single.  This is a league that promotes fun, friendship and fitness.  Most games are at 7 p.m. a few at 9 p.m.  Instruction provided.  Novice to experience, all are welcome.  Join us for a “Girls Night Out.”




Monday and Thursday evenings

Teams are based on a “Choose Your Own” team format.  New members can enter a whole team, or as individual who  will be placed on a team.  Play is on the Monday and Thursday evening with both nights being separate leagues, a curler can play one or both nights.  


Tuesday evenings

 Friday evenings

Two schedules each season.  House league teams are developed by mixing experienced curlers with beginner curlers. Couples requesting to curl on the same team are accommodated. Both nights are separate leagues.


Sunday afternoons

The juniors range in age from 7 years to 18 years old. 7 to 10 years of age throw lighter rocks.  Teams are developed mixing the more experienced curlers with the new curlers.  Coaches are with the juniors for instructional purposes.

Bantam (under 16 years) and junior competitive teams are available.  High school students can also curl on the school teams.  B.C.C. supplies the brooms and sliders for the juniors.  Curlers only need to have clean shoes and warm clothing.


Sunday Sinnners

Sunday morning

This is a league in which you enter a team made up of any number of male or female players. The number of spares allowed is unlimited. There are 12 teams in this league and each team plays an 8 game schedule with the top 8 teams playing in a one week playoff. Each team hosts a lunch once a year, this is served at the club after the game, game times are 10:00 AM and the day is over by 1:00 PM. Lunches are typically soup and sandwich, pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Senior Men's

Tuesday (noon)

In this fun-to-curl arrangement, teams for each game are selected randomly using a “peg-board” system (i.e.: there are no fixed teams). Two six-end games are curled each day, with a social hour in between. A simple scoring system adds an element of individual competition to the fun and also enables the identification of the day’s winners and losers. Winners are rewarded with a small monetary prize and a lot of recognition.

The term “Senior” is loosely interpreted, so gentlemen, come-on out and join the fun!

Simcoe Super Seniors (Men's)


Every Friday during curling season, Senior men curlers from the Bradford, Stroud and Barrie Curling Clubs get together at one of the clubs, on a rotating basis. With nearly 200 participating members in this league, two draws are scheduled each day (9:30 and 11:00 AM). Two six-end games are played with time out for lunch and socializing between games. Many enjoy a game of Euchre, while others become part of the boisterous audience to the other draw on the ice.

The same team selection procedure and scoring system as mentioned in the Senior Men’s league are used. Entry fee is $6 per day per curler. Every curler is rewarded with a prize, the size of which depends on his individual score over the two games. The day’s champion is only rarely the highest caliber curler on the ice. Anyone can turn out to be “The Champ!”

All curlers must be a registered member of one of the participating clubs.

Beginners Fun League


Team, couple, and individual sign up.   Players should have less than 1 year of experience.  No experience is okay too.  Lessons and equipment are provided.

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