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At Bradford Curling Club, our aim is to have fun and enjoy the spirit of the game.

We ask that you respect the following:

  1. On the ice, players are required to wear curling shoes or clean footwear that is used for curling only.
  2. League games are played on the scheduled date unless otherwise arranged by the two skips.
  3. Should a skip know in advance that his / her team is unable to play in a scheduled game, confer with the skip of the opposing team as soon as possible to arrange a make up game or alternate arrangements, otherwise they forfeit the game.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed to by the opposing team, if a game is delayed because a team does not have enough players, the offending team will forfeit 1 rock and 1 end for each 10 minutes. The game is totally forfeited after half an hour.
  5. Should a team have only 3 players, the lead and second throw 3 rocks each.
  6. Players are asked to not walk across the ice when an opposing player is in the hack and do not get in the way of the opposing sweepers.
  7. Once a player has thrown his / her rock, they are to avoid resting their hands, knees or elbows on the ice as it can result in a change to the ice surface that may affect later rocks in the same or later games.
  8. Spares:
    1. Each player must arrange for a spare and advise his or her skip. It is acceptable to advise / allow the skip to arrange a spare if required.
    2. Spare should be the same position / league as the position being spared for.
    3. Each team must have at least 2 original team players.
    4. Spare Fees apply to non-members and Limited Members and must be paid at the bar ($10 per game; max 5 times per season) 
      1. Any BCC member who has not paid a Full Membership ($435 for League Fees before tax) must pay a $ 10.00/game spare fee. This fee applies to ALL leagues, no leagues are exempt from the spare fee.It is the responsibility of the sparing curler to make payment that day/night at the bar.

  9. To promote safety and ensure a full game, players should not set up rocks for the opposing team, each player should be ready to throw his / her rock by the time the opponent's rock has come to rest, and the lead or second should set up their own skip's rock(s). 
  10. Sweepers should position themselves quietly between the hog lines whenever their opponent is throwing, and then as required to support their team mate when delivering a rock.
  11. A skip, or vice positioned at the back of the house must avoid any activity which may disturb the opposing player in the hack.
  12. Only the skip and / or vice of each team are allowed behind the tee line in the house once all rocks have come to a stop. Leads and seconds should position themselves at / between the hog lines very soon after the rocks come to a stop. It is the responsibility of the two vices to determine final score. Once determined by the vices, all can assist in preparations for the next end.
  13. Prior to moving any rocks and scoring each end, each team’s vice will confer with each other and agree on rock(s) position, and measure rock position as required. It is the winning vice / third responsibility to post the score for that end. Each winning game vice is responsible to ensure score cards are complete and submitted.
  14. Should a bell ring during the game, finish that end and play one more end. Points / score is assigned as per the last valid end.
  15. Should a rock be touched in any way (burned) by a player, the sweepers must remove the rock from play before it connects with another rock in play.

At the end of each game, the winning team offers to buy the opposing team the first drink. After which, the opposing team reciprocates.

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